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Le Visage Spa has 7 Unique Facials

Customized Calming Facial

This facial helps calm and soothe irritated skin due to environmental irritations, sun, genetics, medications, and other irritations. Using calming and soothing ingredients, this facial will help cool the skin and reduce inflammation of the skin, while hydrating and firming.

Customized Acne Facial

Whether a result of hormonal or bacterial acne, our natural ingredients will help balance out your breakouts and clean your skin from trapped oil. High Frequency (a painless “zit zapping” technique) is used to breakdown bacteria creating an antiseptic effect.

Lightening and Brightening

With age, hormones, and time in the sun, our skin can develop hyper pigmentation (age spots). With advanced natural lightening and brightening ingredients, this facial will aid in the process of brightening up these spots for a more even skin tone. 

Anti-Aging Facial

With Collagen Boosting elements, this facial is the ultimate in anti-aging. Peptides, vitamins, and blue green algae, are a few of the natural ingredients we use to help your skin will look more youthful and full, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

DermaPlaning Facial

DermaPlaning is used to remove dead skin and soft (peach fuzz) hair from the face. It enhances the effectiveness of your skin care products and helps reduce acne scars and surface level hyper pigmentation (age spots), leaving your skin incredibly smooth.


DermaRolling involves the use of a small device to help remold the skin. By activating the body’s natural wound response, new tissue is formed faster. This causes the release of growth factors that promote scarless healing and new collagen and elastin formation.

Hydra Facial

This non-invasive multistep treatment is a version of microdermabrasion. Skin is deeply cleansed by using a mild chemical peel, automated painless extractions and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. All of this is done in one quick treatment which delivers real results without any downtime or irritation.

“My skin felt so amazing afterwards. I definitely recommend paying a visit to Liz and Le Visage Spa for any of your spa needs!”

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